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A Place in the Circle

A day-long event & year-round community

for Women Healers, Artists, and Teachers


9:00-4:30 Saturday, October 19th, 2019 |  Ann Arbor MI  |  Jewel Heart  |  1129 Oak Valley Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48108


My Body:

Vessel and vehicle of my life and my dreams

In this program, APitC presents five guest facilitators, each exquisitely trained and skilled in assisting us into conscious awareness of our physicality, the ground of our life and our being. All five have devoted years of practice to evoke the best in the physical nature of her own being and to assist others in the same quest.  Each has talent in evoking the wholeness, the integration of all four aspects of our being.


The centrality of the body cannot be overstated.  What we eat, how we move, how we feel about our physical self are all fundamental features of day to day life.  Each of these contributes to our mood, our sense of self and our outlook about what is possible, meaningful and relevant to the living of our singular, precious life.  A place in the circle aims for this day to be a celebration of our beauty and power in being wholly who we are.

The flow of the day​


Each guest facilitator will offer a focused piece of the day, described below. The day is designed with time for reflection, integration, nourishment, and connection. Offerings are in no particular order. Schedule TBA

Stefanie Cohen: 

Consciously Celebrating Circulation: Embodying the Pulse of Life

Through poetic and energetic physical practices we'll enter into a lived experience of our bodies; exploring the sensations, imagery, feelings, memories and the bold new possibilities that arise as we allow our bodies to speak. The session will include a guided warm-up, drawing on the anatomy of our circulatory system, creative exploration of themes of resource, vitality and support, and further reflection through art materials.


Julie Brigham


Awake Aware Alert Alive: Activating ease applying principles of the Alexander Technique

I’m really looking forward to being part of ‘A place in the Circle V’. Together through some playful activities and explorations, we will look into how our minds and bodies interact, allowing us to find better coordination in our movements. How we breathe affects our movement, poise, and balance so we will spend some time finding our breathing rhythm and learning to let our bodies move with that flow. We will look at some everyday movements together and find ways of increasing our awareness of how we perform them and learn to carry them out with more ease. I hope that you will discover a greater connection to your physical self and what you learn you will be able to take away and use in your everyday life to find more harmony between your mind and body.

Teresa Myers:

Cooperative Leadership: The Art of being in relationship with your body

Are you in a balanced and harmonious relationship with your body?  When is the last time you asked your body what it needs?  When is the last time you inventoried what you bring to your relationship with your body?  This is a unique opportunity to gain insight and information on how your body speaks to you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and how you can increase your listening ability so you and your body are in a constant state of cooperative leadership.

Tia Imani-Hanna

Joyful Noise: Listening to your Body’s Authentic Voices


Guiding us with rhythm, vocalizing, sourcing our own unique sound and movement patterns. This workshop uses a series of musical games and exercises to create a functional format and safe environment for everyday musicians, (all of us). Let’s challenge ourselves to hear our internal voices. This workshop is for anyone who loves music. There is some basic, gentle movement and participants should wear loose and comfortable clothing. Lots of fun, laughter, and great music will ensue.

@Peace Makita

A Pure Connection: Tapping into Our Energetic Body to Support Our Physical Reality

Physical reality is directly connected to the energetic force field surrounding all physical matter, this is a basic law of physics. This connection is always in a dance whether we are aware of it or not. But, did you know that you can consciously tap into and use this energy field to heal emotional & physical traumas, create more of the life experience you want and you can even support others in doing the same? Learn the art of ancient breathwork, chakra balancing and the benefits of guided meditation. Everything is Energy here's how to master your own!


Barbara Boyk Rust:


I will be helping us weave the day together, facilitating expression and integration of the gleanings of the experiences we are sharing.



Tending the Harvest Within   //   A Day Together   

Come To This Day

to meet colleagues and make friends

to inspire your life and work

to clarify and hone your current focus

to energize your current direction

to give and receive from the well of our experiences

to find your place in the circle of women serving our community with gifts of healing, learning, and creativity.

Stillness creates love
Movement creates life
To be still and yet still moving is everything.

Japanese master Do Hyun Choe

Please Note: this spring event has been postponed to October 19th, 2019  


Early bird fee $125.00 (by Sept 21st)
Full fee $150.00 
Registration opens August 31st | closes October 10th


To register online please follow the link below. You will be emailed a registration form (to fill out online).


To register by snail mail:

1. Print the form below, and include your check in the envelope. 


Please contact us if you need financial consideration for a reduction of the fee:

A vegetarian lunch is included in the fee.

Presenter Bios

About the Presenters

Barbara Boyk Rust, Ph.D.


Barbara Boyk Rust, Ph.D. has created circles for women to share, learn and grow over the
past 30 years. The emphasis of her work as a clinical psychologist in private practice is the
deep understanding of self and soul for the evocation of the fullness of each person’s life.

In 2014 a council of elders and spiritual teachers, including Atum O’Kane, Bernie Coyne, Mary Grannan, and Rabbi Michal Woll ordained Barbara as a spiritual teacher and leader. A Place in the Circle is a project Barbara conceived and is fostering to increase the connections, sharing and development of women healers, artists, and teachers in our local

3Tia by Rodney Sumpter 2.jpg
Tia Imani HannaVocalist, Violinist, Composer

Tia Imani Hanna is a musician who takes listeners from one deep, swelling moment to the next, rarely pausing between chords without inhaling a fresh breath of passion into the river of her work. Ms. Hanna says her mission is “to create music that makes the listener remember they are spiritual beings, that spirit moves within us through sound, through vision, through dance…with joy, and love.”


Born in Detroit, Tia Imani Hanna returned to live and work in Michigan in 2010. She opened her own music school, Green Bow Music, and performs regionally and nationally with her groups, The Tia Imani Hanna Project (world synthesis music), and Hanna Jazz Quartet (HJQ).


The Lansing State Journal says “She’s hoarding a talent overload…wordless notes emerge from her mouth in a jaunty, jazzy way.”

APitC V  Stefanie headshot photo by Joni
Stefanie Cohen, MA, Somatic Movement Educator, Artist, Curator

Since 1997, Stefanie Cohen has worked as a movement and dance teacher and somatic practitioner, with a focus on the integration of bodily awareness and the creative process. She holds a 2011 Masters degree from the University of Central Lancashire, in Dance and Somatic Well-being; completed the 1998 Contemplative Dance year-long program as a facilitator of Authentic Movement; and is registered as a Somatic Movement Educator through the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). 


In addition to her work as an educator she has served as a hospice worker, providing hands-on care and practical and emotional support to terminally ill clients and their caregivers.  ​

Stefanie is the owner/manager of SOMA: Studio Of Movement Arts in Ann Arbor, MI, the Co-Founding Director and Owner of Light Box performance space in Detroit, and has worked as a performing artist for more than twenty years, teaching and presenting her work in theaters, festivals, retreats and academic institutions throughout the country.  As one half of the performance art collaborative, Upended Teacups with her partner Corey Gearhart, she has created dozens of performances and site-responsive installations and taught generative performance-making workshops in Detroit, Chicago, NYC, and throughout the midwest.

Atpeace headshot.jpg
@Peace Makita

Performing Artist turned Educator, Spiritual Healer, Childbirth Doula, Life Coach, and Mother of six children; @Peace Makita offers a unique brand of healing services for women and children.  Since 2007, @Peace has led 'Sista Sharin'; sacred circles for women that use the power of sisterhood to bring healing focus to the trauma areas of our womb, chakra system, and subconscious mindbody.  Together, we explore our energetic body using tools and techniques, well known for centuries, such as deep breathing, guided meditation and interactive group exercises.  Everything is Energy! Learn ways to master your own!"

Julie Brigham, Alexander Technique Teacher

I’m Julie and I’m an AmSAT certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and graduate of
the Alexander Technique Training Course in Ann Arbor. The Alexander Technique is a method of improving posture and body movement in order to reduce the physical and mental tensions that we accumulate in our everyday lives.


I teach private individual Alexander Technique lessons from my studio on the West Side of Ann Arbor and also group classes and workshops. In the private lessons, I tailor the lesson to meet the specific needs and interests of the student. I encourage people to bring activities from their daily lives (singing, acting, sports, playing an instrument, knitting, working at a computer, etc) and together we work to recognize habits that may be interfering with natural functioning and learn to release excess tension. This is an educational process and so quite different to say going to the Chiropractor. Learning the technique will give you a unique set of skills for life that can be applied in any and every situation.

Teresa MYERS PHOTO.jpg
Teresa Myers, ND, LMT


Teresa is a Traditional Naturopath, Licensed Massage Therapist (specializing in therapeutic massage, abdominal massage and foot reflexology), and Energy Healer (trained in Touch for Health, Reiki, Polarity and Therapeutic Touch).


Teresa has a unique approach to healing through her creation of the Trifecta of Balance:  Movement, Meals and Meditation.  Movement takes on many forms whether it is movement of the whole body through exercise, movement of a healthy digestive or lymphatic system, or movement of muscle and tissue through massage.  The importance of meals cannot be over emphasized.  What goes into the body is critical:  food, beverages, herbs and supplements are all designed to bring balance into the body.  Lastly, meditation is examined in many different ways in terms of de-stressing, rest, relaxation, and sleep.  


Teresa believes in empowering her clients to learn their bodies on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  Balance in all four realms is critical to healing.  This opens the body to the full potential of moving from dis-ease to ease.


Teresa is a graduate from the Naturopathic School of the Healing Arts in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  She is also a Black-Belt Nia Instructor, delivering the Joy of Movement to students throughout the globe.

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